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One-stop service for carton packaging products

  • Carton packing machinery

    Many years of industry experience, with professional carton packaging machinery research and development experience

  • Machinery ISO certification

    Awarded ISO9001 international quality management system certification factory

  • Carton products are well equipped

    Superior cost-effective economic and practical

  • Make equipment suitable for enterprises

    Carton machinery professional manufacturers, can provide a reasonable carton production plan for the carton friends

  • Quality assurance, after-sales maintenance

    Service global carton enterprise equipment manufacturing and maintenance

Choose zhuohang packaging machinery four advantagesProvide carton packing machinery perfect service machinery

Professional team to provide services for you

Carefully designed to manufacture, service first, for the enterprise tailored to their own enterprise carton production equipment。

Professional brand, quality assurance

The company has a technical center to provide strong guarantee for the technical research and development and auxiliary design of products. With strong production strength, the company has numerous core designers, production personnel, after-sales engineers, etc., to guarantee the quality of the company's products.

Professional production equipment

Production equipment automation, fast supply capacity, production system specialization, strict quality control, cost control, really save you money;

Perfect after-sales service

Provide technical after-sales support and service throughout the day; Protect your rights and interests at all times; Provide machinery customization services, so that dade products more suitable for your needs; According to customer requirements, customized automatic carton packaging machinery。

Quality oriented, integrity zhiyuan, zhuohang look forward to sincere cooperation with you, create brilliant!
Dongguan zhuohang packaging machinery equipment co., LTD

Company Profile: Dongguan Zhuohang Packaging Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. , located in Dongguan of Guangdong Province, a famous industrial city of machinery manufacturing. The company specializes in the production and manufacture of a series of next-generation, efficient water-based printing high-speed automatic printing machine, and provides packaging equipment manufacturing and maintenance services for global carton enterprises.


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